Stir the Pot recognized in Daily Nutmeg

The New Haven Food Policy Council’s potluck series, co-hosted with Nadine Nelson, chef and owner at Global Local Gourmet, was recognized in Daily Nutmeg.

“There’s a tremendous amount of hunger in New Haven and parts of Hamden,” says Mark Firla, a member of the council. “A huge part of [addressing that] is just making sure that people know what’s available and where it is.” As we speak, Firla is busy chopping scallions on a wood cutting board in the kitchen at Whitneyville Cultural Commons. Surrounding us are about 25 colleagues, friends and neighbors who have come for the council’s popular Stir the Pot series, a combined cooking demo/potluck/book club/speaker series hosted by Nadine Nelson, chair of the council’s Cooking and Food Education working group. Firla is here as the evening’s featured speaker, talking about free summer meals available to New Haven children.

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